Social Changemakers are youth leaders from across Ontario who are working towards creating social change locally, nationally and globally. Through the Harmony Movement-Social Changemakers Program youth are trained to critically analyze the world they live and given the tools to learn how to identify current issues, create inativites,  and how to take action.


As Social Changemakers we promote equity & inclusion across the province of Ontario. We use the 3Rs of Social Change to address social problems that exist in our word. 

“Equality is treating everyone the same, while equity is treating everyone different to achieve the same result.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Social Changemakers Website?

This website is a platform for youth to engage, interact and learn from one another. Here, you will find resources and tips that will help motivate and inspire you to fight against discrimination and social injustices happening in our world. You will also find highlights and pictures from all our Social Changemakers Conferences and up-to-date news on what the Harmony Movement Team is doing.

What are the Social Changemakers Conferences?

The Social Changemakers Conferences are 1-2 day events that bring together students from different regions across Ontario to focus on addressing social issues in our schools and communities in creative and innovative ways. Our Social Changemakers Conferences have taken place in communities all across Ontario such as Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Brantford, Sudbury, Toronto and many more! Check out our blog for conference highlights, pictures and video.

What is the Social Changmakers Blog and who writes it?

The Social Changemakers blog is written by Harmony Movement staff and student Social Changemakers across the country. Our blog features articles about current social justice issues locally and globally, student and community led initiatives and resources for creating social change. Check it out!