Social Media Campagin


3Rs Exercise


Social Media is used by billions of people around the world today. We can share ideas, memories and moments with our families and friends regardless of how far away they may be. We now have the power to upload and create our own content making the internet a positive but also a negative place at the same time.

Let’s reflect how social media affect our lives by asking ourselves the following questions:

  • What is great about social media?
  • What is bad about social media?
  • What problems does social media create?
  • How does social media impact your life?
  • How does it impact you the lives of your friends?


Many people use the internet to spread harmful and discriminatory messages. Some individuals purposely create videos, gifs and memes that are racist, homophobic and sexist just to name a few. Unfortunately these posts get shared and retweeted, at times reaching millions of views.

  • What are the root causes to some of the issues social media presents?
  • Where do these messages come from?


Challenge you and your friends to only share posts that promote acceptance and inclusion!

  • What are some ways you can encourage your friends to use social media responsibly?
  • How can you respond to cyber bullying that may be taking place at your school?
  • What can you do to not share discriminatory posts, videos, pictures or tweets?
  • How can you get Teacher, Principals and community members to help?

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All information collected is confidential and will not be shared with outside parties.

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Commit to only sharing, posting and retweeting post that are postive and uplifting.

Use this poster to encourage others to use social media responsibly. Your our SHARE Poster to raise awareness and encourage other to use social media responsibly.

Read our blog post To Share or Not to Share for more information!

Use this poster to encourage others to use social media responsibly